Laurie Metcalf loves torturing Bruce Willis

01/15/2016 — New York Post

What’s it like beating up Bruce Willis? Laurie Metcalf — whose character does it eight times a week in “Misery” — says it’s “a lot of fun,” though both have the bruises to show for it.

MISERY star Bruce Willis reveals the Broadway advice Rumer gave him

12/16/2015 — People Magazine

Even with his 35-plus years in showbiz, Bruce Willis admits he’s still prone to pre-performance nerves.


11/18/2015 — Newsday

“Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalf shine in this expertly done, old-time theatrical thriller. Willis is totally convincing as the badly injured best-selling author, but the wow factor, the precision instrument that keeps propelling the story into psychologically unexpected corners, is Laurie Metcalf.”


11/15/2015 — New York Post

“Misery is a carnival ride that piles on the twists and thrills – that’s what makes it so fun.
BRUCE WILLIS will really surprise you with his ink black humor.
LAURIE METCALF is scarily intense and mad as a homicidal hatter. Her Tony nomination is a lock.”


11/15/2015 — The Huffington Post

“Bruce Willis finds himself in a die-hard situation unlike those he’s vanquished on screen, and he does it with aplomb in a strong performance, as he engages in figuring out how to outsmart his calculating captor. Laurie Metcalf delivers throughout. There’s no mistaking this is a vehicle for her, and she rides it as if besting a mechanical bull. The audience eats it up with a soupspoon.”

Misery first look: Bruce Willis Meets his Number One Fan

10/30/2015 — Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly shares an exclusive first look at Misery on Broadway.

In Bed With Bruce Willis (on Broadway)

09/10/2015 — The New York Times

From Die Hard to a near-deadly car accident in Misery, the NYTimes talks Willis’ thrilling new show.

Stars land on Broadway

08/31/2015 — The New Yorker

Bruce Willis is among a celebrated Hollywood crowd to make his Broadway debut this fall in MISERY.

Laurie Metcalf Joins Bruce Willis in Broadway Misery  This Fall

06/24/2015 — Variety

Laurie Metcalf will star with Bruce Willis in the Broadway play adaptation of Misery, which has just locked in a November opening at the Broadhurst Theater.

Metcalf replaces the previously announced Elizabeth Marvel, the stage veteran who had to drop out of the project due to her commitment to “House of Cards,” the Netflix series on which she’s a regular.

Bruce Willis to Make Broadway Debut in Stage Adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery

03/04/2015 —

Bruce Willis to Make Broadway Debut in Stage Adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery